Erick Vargas

Frontend Developer

Focused on improving performance and the user experience in your web applications.

Made from Scratch

I have been puting the work crafting my knowledge, gaining experience building real world projects.

Practice is an important aspect for any skill even more in software development.

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Sharing what I know

I believe that sharing our knowledge is the best thing to improve as a professional. That is why I have wrote short but effective articles about different topics.

Don’t be shy and take a look at what I have for you and hope you can learn something.

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A little bit about me

Student of the professional career of Systems Engineering, I am someone self-taught, proactive, effective, who loves technology and always be updated on new and better ways to do things well.

I am currently dedicated to the development of web applications that help solve the various problems that afflict the world today.

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Whether it is a small venture, complex web app or business software, contact me and we will discuss it thoroughly.

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